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Advanced Topics Seminars and Workshops Designed for Professionals:

Join Dr. Kate Truitt and the Viva Excellence for advanced topics seminars and workshops that bring together the power of neuroscience to enhance the therapeutic process. Through her training and studies in psychophysiology, neuroscience, as well as clinical psychology, Dr. Kate Truitt has focused her career on the ability to enhance traditional psychotherapeutic work through a foundational understanding of neuroscience. When we understand brain functioning and information processes as they develop and progress across the life span, we are empowered to help our patients embrace themselves and their minds in new and empowering ways.

Additionally, Dr. Kate Truitt serves as the Global Director of Curriculum and Research Development for the Havening Techniques. She has partnered with topic experts to provide an array of advanced seminars and workshops that incorporate the power of neuroscience and the Havening Touch to create long lasting and sustainable change. 

Note: Some workshops may require attendance at a Certification Training in the Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques advanced topics workshops are noted as Havening Healing Advanced Topics Seminars.

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