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​Date: October 19th, 2021

Building Resilience with Mindfulness

and the Havening Techniques

with Rebecca Turner, LMFT 

Workshop Objectives and Agenda:

- Define mindfulness and at least 1 common misconception of mindfulness practice 
- Identify when to implement a self-regulation technique (e.g. CPR for the Amygdala) to promote more effective mindfulness practice 
- Learn and practice a mindfulness technique for promoting self-awareness 

- Learn and practice a mindfulness technique for supporting perspective taking and emotional regulation 

- Learn and practice a mindfulness technique for cultivating compassionate connection to self and others 

9-9:45am Section 1: Introduction to Mindfulness (1 CE hour)
◦                What is mindfulness?
◦                Common misconceptions about mindfulness 
◦                Mindfulness and the Brain 
◦                Risks and Benefits of mindfulness
◦                Using mindfulness mindfully: What to do when being present is painful
◦                Experiential Practice 1: CPR for the Amygdalaâ
◦                Using breath to regulate the nervous system
◦                Experiential Practice 2: The Feldman Breath

9:45-10:30am Section 2: Mindfulness for turning inward (.75 CE hour)
◦                Why turn inward? 
◦                Cultivating self-awareness to support acceptance and change
◦                Noting: Understanding and differentiating emotion, thinking, and sensation
◦                Experiential Practice 3: Noting the Waterfall   

10:30-11am Section 3: Mindfulness for creating space (.5 CE hour)
◦                Why create space? 
◦                Creating space to reduce overwhelm and gain perspective
◦                Experiential Practice 4: Stepping Back + Breath for Creating Space  

11-11:45am Section 4: Mindfulness for Creating Connection (.5 CE hour)
◦                Why cultivate connection? 
◦                Using awareness to cultivate connection to self and others
◦                Experiential Practice 5: Sending and Receiving Compassionate Connection 

11:45-12pm Wrap-up, Questions, and Reflections (.25 CE hour)
3 CE Hours Total