Summary:​​For any client who would benefit from peak performance work as they work toward an important exam, game, performance, or presentation, join Dr. Steve Hamilton, expert in the field of sport’s psychology for deep exploration of the art and science of peak performance! Deepening and expanding the Future Performance Protocol, learn to help your clients build a strong C.O.R.E. of resilience using mental rehearsal, neuroplasticity and the Havening Techniques. While we do not necessarily have control over an outcome, the C.O.R.E empowers clients to control their process to achieve their desired outcome as well as getting back on track after setbacks. 

Resilience is cultivating the ability to persevere within adversity and maintain a consistent performance, be it in sports, arts, business, or interpersonal relationships. This is where the C.O.R.E. model comes in:

Confidence: building client’s foundation for successful performance
Optimism: widening client’s window of tolerance and intentionally cultivating curiosity and possibility 
Resilience: cultivating client’s ability to recover from and learn through difficulty to enhance the next performance
Enthusiasm: reconnecting clients with their passion and purpose connected to their performance

Finally, dive deeper into your clinical role helping clients develop a strong C.O.R.E. to assess and target with Havening Techniques the EMLI’s that show up to hinder your client’s felt-sense of capability keeping them from performing at their best. Join us for a powerful workshop focused on empowerment, peak performance, and Growth Mindset!  

Speaker Disclosures: Dr. Steve Hamilton has no financial nor nonfinancial disclosures.

Note: Completion of the Havening Techniques Certification Training is a requirement to attend this seminar.

The is an Intermediate Level program.

Viva Excellence is a Certified Trainer of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

​Building a Strong C.O.R.E. with the Havening Techniques C.O.R.E Performance Protocol

June 28th, 2022

Location: Live Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Time: Login begins at 8:45am, workshop starts promptly at 9:00am and finishes at 12:00pm Pacific
Cost: $129.00 

Continuing Education: Viva Excellence is Accredited by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to provide 3 CEs for this training. Please check with your licensing body to see if it accepts CEs approved through NASW.

Please note that attendance at the live program is required to receive CEs.


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