Date: June 6th, 2020

Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Enhance LGBTQAI+ Allyship

Location: Live Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Time: Login begins at 8:45am, workshop starts promptly at 9:00am and finishes at 12pm.
​​Due to societal stigma and various forms of discrimination, LGBTQ+ individuals are at a significantly higher risk than heterosexual individuals to experience mental health struggles. As an ally, it may feel disheartening, frustrating, or angering to know that someone you care about is struggling. During this interactive workshop, Megan Mansfield, PsyD, and Damien Gonsalves, LMFT,  teach parents, friends, educators, and parters how to reach their maximum potential as an ally using the latest advances in neuroscience! 

Register today! Space is limited. This community workshop is designed to enhance connection within yourself and with those you love. What is the most important skill to have as an LGBTQ+ Ally? During this interactive workshop, Dr. Mansfield and Damien will answer this question and teach you how to reach your maximum potential as an ally using the latest advances in neuroscience. 

Upcoming Resilient Brain Seminars

Date: June 1st, 2020

Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience and Psychosensory Techniques to Build Your Resilient Brain

Location:Live Virtual Training via Zoom

Time: 8-12:30pm Pacific

Cost: Standard Rates: $95, Group Rate: $75/person minimum of 3 people

Please Note: To ensure Excellence in your experience, space is limited.

Summary: Join Dr. Truitt in this experiential seminar to learn how to harness the power of neuroplasticity, along with CPR for the Amygdala, to create sustainable healing. You will be empowered to start identifying opportunities for self-healing and begin laying the foundation to develop your Resilient Brain. The newest advances in neuroscience have created opportunities for us to successfully navigate and heal historical stressors while harnessing the power of neuroplasticity to create a new and  sustainable emotional balance. It's time for empowered living through neuroscience!

*Note: The Seminar is hosted in Partnership with Echo Trainings. You will be transferred to their website for registration.

What if we could teach the tools to enhance learning capacity, address anxieties, and even heal through the difficulties of daily life? What if, when we returned home from work or school each day, we had access to the knowledge that we have the power to support our own health and well-being? Imagine being empowered with the ability to quickly and efficiently self soothe, reprocess difficult experiences, and empower ourself to view the world in a healthy way. What if we had the ability to decide how they wanted to approach each day; be it with confidence, with humor, or with a sense of calm. We now have the tools, thanks to new advances in neuroscience, to teach ourselves and those around us how to engage and support our brains to be as healthy and balanced as possible. Without the use of medication or electrodes, relying on our internal self soothing mechanisms, we now have the power to sustainably heal.

Whether for yourself, your organization, your clients, or your students, Viva Excellence is honored to offer workshops designed to reduce burnout, increase personal resiliency, and enhance overall well-being in all areas of life. Based in neuroscience and incorporating tools and techniques designed to meet your unique needs, let Viva Excellence be part of the journey towards Living Your Excellence.

Contact Viva Excellence now to learn more about the Resilient Brain Model today! A resilient and sustainable life is now obtainable for everyone.​​

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The Resilient Brain Model & Self-Havening Workshops

Imagine a world where we are empowered to heal ourselves. Imagine being able to manage your moods, decrease daily stress as well as anxiety, and increase your overarching resiliency. Now imagine having the ability to provide that for your friends, colleagues, employees, and, even, students. Imagine a place where everyone is empowered with the tools to not only manage their emotions but create new neural pathways for personal empowerment. What would it be like for the usual activating stressors that derail projects and  get in the way of our healthy interpersonal relationships to simply be just another part of the day? Imagine being able to harness the power of a growth mindset and learn how to heal to create a sustainable balance for your emotions and thought processes. Imagine empowering yourself, and others, to heal through roadblocks and overcome the difficulties that result in anxiety, procrastination, and stress.

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