It's time to build your empowered brain!

Imagine a world where we are empowered to heal ourselves. Imagine being able to manage your moods, decrease daily stress as well as anxiety, and increase your overarching resiliency.  What would it be like for the usual activating stressors that derail projects and  get in the way of our healthy interpersonal relationships to simply be just another part of the day? Imagine being able to harness the power of a growth mindset and learn how to heal to create a sustainable balance for your emotions and thought processes. This is the power of bringing together neuroscience, the Self-Havening Touch, and Neuroplasticity. Join Dr. Kate Truitt for a unique Live Virtual Workshop that empowers self-healing.​ 

Dates: Two Opportunities to Join Dr. Kate in 2023:  May 11th & Sept  21st

Title: Building Resilience with Neuroscience and the Havening Techniques®

Location:Live Virtual Training via Zoom

Time: 8:00am-12:30pm Pacific

Cost: $55.00

Continuing Education: ​4 CEs available for purchase for an additional $30.00 Please note you will be redirected to ECHO to purchase. To purchase CEs please click here.

Summary: Join Dr. Kate for a unique Live Virtual Workshop that is all about YOU! Learn exciting news ways to integrate self-havening into your life for empowered self-care and self-healing. You will be empowered to start identifying opportunities for self-healing and begin laying the foundation to develop your healthy Neurogarden. The newest advances in neuroscience have created opportunities for us to successfully navigate and heal  stressors while harnessing the power of neuroplasticity to create a new and  sustainable emotional balance. It's time for empowered living through neuroscience!

In this live workshop you will:

* Explore newest insights into the neuroscience of stress and resilience.
* Learn the fundamentals of Self-Havening.
*Learn self-havening techniques for personal healing as well as protection against encoding future stressors.
*Learn how to build resiliency for your brain health.
*Develop techniques for empowered resource development and sustainable health.

NOTE: This workshop is being held in partnership with ECHO Trainings. ECHO's mission is to educate families, communities and professionals about trauma and resilience in order to promote survivor empowerment, resolve individual and community-level trauma, and create the safe, stable, nurturing relationships that break the cycle of generational trauma. Dr. Kate is honored to be a part of their mission.

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