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Viva Excellence

Viva Excellence is a Certified Trainer of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

Viva Excellence is proud to provide high quality, intimate trainings in revolutionary new techniques for Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders. Living your Excellence doesn't begin once the traumas are healed and the symptoms are alleviated - Excellence requires a well rounded curriculum for health leading to the development of personal resiliency, empowerment, and a sustainable life.

Imagine a world where you are empowered to heal yourself of past stressors and create new possibilities for your future – with intention. Imagine being able to manage your moods, decrease stress, enhance motivation as well as performance, all while increasing your brain’s overarching resiliency. What would it feel like to be empowered with the tools to not only manage your emotions and behaviors but to create new neural pathways for personal empowerment? The newest advances in neuroscience have created opportunities for us to successfully navigate and heal historical stressors while harnessing the power of neuroplasticity to create a new and  sustainable emotional balance. It's time to build your Resilient Brain.

Come learn how to help your clients heal through the traumatic wounds of their past in the most effective, efficient, and gentle method for trauma resolution - The Havening Techniques®. Come learn how to transform your practice with techniques that honor your client's unique brain development across their life span - our cognitions may be top-down but our senses are bottom-up. It's time to treat the whole system! Attend a seminar in the Fear Reprocessing and Cognitive Reframing Techniques and immediately begin not only healing the wounds of trauma but also providing a proactive mechanism for resiliency development and resource enhancement.

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